What is Coffee and Sundays?

After spending the better part of 25 years focusing on being a wife and a mother, I find myself having to figure our who I am when I no longer have to be a full time mommy. Hopefully the stories that are shared along with some favorite recipes from our home will help another navigate through this pivotal change in a woman’s life. Empty nesting is a real thing and the toll it takes on the mother is especially tricky. Lets do this together and help one another along the way.

New in 2022

2022 is supported by woman hands on the background of a sunny sunset.

2022 is here and we define what it will look like. we have spent the better part of the last 3 years in fear, or at a minimum learning how to cope with new normals. I am going to use 2022 to reflect on myself, my mental health, and simply work to be a better version of myself. There is little I can do to change the effects our current world is having on the price of gas or the hate in the streets, but I can control how I handle it. I choose to be happy, I choose to do my best to control my own health both physically and mentally, and I choose to find the good and embrace it. Mental Health and physical health is the responsibility of the individual and the journey is our own. I am choosing to share my journey, not to give you a path, but to show you there is one. Here is to 2022 and a seeing it with a different lens. Yesterday is heavy, just put it down.