Dance in the Rain

Each day we open our eyes with a new chance at life. No matter the day of the week or the hour your day begins, it’s a new chance, new opportunity. The day is not a guarantee that everything will be perfect, or that you have won the lottery. Instead it’s a chance to put… Continue reading Dance in the Rain

Green Shake

Protein shake – its good for you! This shake is full of absolute goodness for you, but to taste it you would never know! Drink after a workout or as a stand-alone meal. You font want to miss out on this one 😍 1 cup almond or rice milk1 heaping tsp almond butter1 scoop protein… Continue reading Green Shake

Mask mandate lifted

I will miss the masks for a much deeper, more meaningful reason. For the first time in my lifetime, men now have a better understanding of what it is like to have to wear something that is restricting, sometimes suffocating, uncomfortable, and cumbersome. That’s right ladies, men now have an inkling of a feeling of… Continue reading Mask mandate lifted

Know your truth series

People pleasing I LOVE SEEING PEOPLE HAPPY! It feels good to see others joyful and happy. If I am being honest, I have an unhealthy need to ensure others are happy. So unhealthy, it usually supersedes my own happiness. It could be a meal I cook, a gift I give, or a project at work.… Continue reading Know your truth series

Know your truth series – pressure. Documenting my journey to better mental health

Pressure can be a good thing. It can push you further than you thought possible, helping you to achieve the potential you didn’t realize you had.It’s the pressure from others’ actions you put on yourself that can be unhealthy. A fact of life: the only actions you have control over are your own. When I… Continue reading Know your truth series – pressure. Documenting my journey to better mental health

Know your truth series

Documenting my journey to better mental health Who am I? Easy question right? Not so fast! I asked myself this very question and the answers came flowing out I’m a daughter, a wife, a mother and a grandmother. I am kind, honest, and hard working. Easy! As I let my answer resonate, I began to… Continue reading Know your truth series

Drink your veggies

I dislike vegetables.  Raw veggies I can do but When they are cooked we have a problem.  Needless to say I don’t intake my daily requirement of fruits and vegetables and rely on my vitamins to make up for it.   I also have a serious sweet tooth.  It strikes morning noon and night, all day every day. These… Continue reading Drink your veggies

Thank you for being a friend

Today would have been Betty Whites 100th birthday.  America morned her loss  just a little over two weeks before we would have celebrated with her.  So today we remember her and celebrate the beautiful mark she left on our world.  She was a beloved actress, comedian, animal activist and friend.   Age was but a number to her, and… Continue reading Thank you for being a friend

I Met Someone

I met someone. I knew I would eventually. At 48 years old, it happened. I am very excited, yet I had a difficult time putting into words what he means to me. These are feelings are like none I have ever felt before. He has short dark hair and olive skin. He has the most… Continue reading I Met Someone


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