About me

I’m Dawn…

I am a married mother of four and entering the beginning the life of empty nesting. Three of my four children are now on their own and have moved away from home to begin their own Journeys. My fourth child is a 16 year old and in the blink of an eye he too will strike out on his own. I had never pictured this time in my life being so empty and fulfilling all at the same time. Suddenly I find myself with a lot of time on my hands and not entirely sure what to do with it. So here we go, starting a new kind of journey, sharing my stories, recipes, and tips and tricks along the way with you!

My family: I am married to a wonderful man who loves to ride his Harley, and retired from the Army in 2010. We have four wonderful children. Tiffany, our oldest, is my daughter by choice. She lived with her mother for the first 13 years of her life until god put her back in our world. She has had a difficult life, but has managed to blast the statistics and is growing mentally, morally, and spiritually every day. Tiffany has one son, Isaiah and he is our only grandchild so far. He is a great joy, and a little genius if I do say so myself. Zachary is our oldest son. He works in IT and is one class away from obtaining his degree. Last year he married his high school sweetheart. She has recently joined the Air Force and they are at their first duty assignment beginning their new journey. Katelyn is our middle child and she is anything but ordinary. Katelyn is a doer. She is in her third year as an Airman and is absolutely excelling. If she says she is going to do something, you better bet she will not only do it but do it better than those around her. Katelyn and her wife are beginning their new journey as a dual military family. Finally we have our youngest…Austin. Austin has the biggest, most loving heart of anyone I have ever known. He is honest, smart, and totally has more shoes than I do! If you cant tell, my kids are my world, and now with them so far away, its time to refocus my efforts, so I welcome you to Coffee and Sundays!

Its so nice to meet you!