Love What You Do

I love my job. Not many people can or will say that these days. Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life they say. I say they are right.

Working in protocol is not for just anyone. If I had to write a job announcement it would go something like this.

ISO an individual with an outgoing personality and capable of shoving it right back in the bottle at a moments notice. Must be able to negotiate for the best deals, make a diamond out of a pebble, turn a pumpkin into a carriage and turn it off at a moments notice. Must be diplomatic at all turns while pushing people to give you everything you want for nearly nothing and be excited to do it. Must be the face of the organization yet barely seen. The ability to read minds, predict the unpredictable and do all the manual labor no one else wants to do is a must. Late hours, putting out fires, and treating all of your guests like they are the best thing since sliced bread does not make you special, they only ensure you will make it to another day. If you are brave enough to take this job on and feel like you have the qualities above, bless your heart and apply below.

While so much of this is sadly true, it’s just some of the reasons I love being in Protocol.

We sometimes work long, demanding hours. We have to be creative, crafty, incredibly kind and understanding. We need lab ahead but often find ourselves reactive. We have to be willing to put in all of the work and get little to no credit. In fact, sometimes less feedback means more!

I love to get up in the morning, have my coffee and go to work. I work with strong personalities and together we challenge one another and make a spectacular team. We feed off each others strengths and we train in each others weakness. We succeed as a team and fail as a team. The way it was meant to be.

As I write, I can only home you each love what you do. Get up with purpose, make a difference you are proud of, and be happy with the day you have given.

Love what you do!

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