Agua de lupe

This summers gem of a drink gives a Hispanic twist to that average margarita on the rocks you have been sippin on 🍹

I love meeting new people from all over the country! Last night the hubby and I crashed a girls weekend pregame gathering with our friends and their visiting momma, aunt and little sister.

These lovely Latina ladies made me a drink! Oh my the flavors. Not sucky sweet, but smooth, little tart and little spicy. I don’t do super spicy so trust me when I tell you it was only a little spicy 🌶.

So for your next back yard bash, if you want to flip the switch and turn it up, try this one out!

I was excited to share this recipe with you, but I knew I would never remember the names of all the ingredients. I had to get pictures to share with you. Full disclosure it was also fun listening to them pronounce them all for me. My Spanish is so bad, well who am I kidding, I can’t speak Spanish at all and butcher all the menu items I ever try to order.


1.5 oz spicy tamarind vodka

4 oz Tamarind Jarritos

lime (wedges)



Rub lime wedge around the rim of your glass to moisten. Dip rim of glass in Chamoy and then Tajin. Add ice to glass and drop in that lime. Add your vodka and the Tamarind Jarritos. Sip and enjoy!

Substitution option for Tamarind Jarritos, use watermelon lime juice available at ALDIs!

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