Everyone has opinions and each and every opinion matters. In America, as Americans, we have the right to opinions. We have rights! We have the right to vote, the right bare arms, the right to choose our job, where we live, what we eat, what we watch, and many more rights.

July 4, 1776, America was founded on the principal that everyone should be afforded natural rights and political representation. July 4, 2022 just doesn’t feel like that.

It has been a slow road evolving to what our founding fathers envisioned and we are far from our destination. From the Native Americans to the Slaves, Segregation to Women’s rights, and sexual orientation to health care, America is evolving. The pace is slow and the setbacks are many.

Every generation has faced a change in culture and those changes were not without division. Today we see slavery as wrong and unjust but in that day and time it was as dividing a topic as the woman’s right to choose.

These dividing topics are made even worse by our politicians. The vote matters if we want to see change. But who do you vote for?

Our government is made up of republicans, democrats, and independents. The party chooses the candidate, the one most likely to vote their stances and we are left to pick the best of the worst.

The parties and their candidates have set agendas (that pay well) and don’t waiver.

So what about the Americans who don’t have the same beliefs as a party on all topics. Take me for example. I could literally take a little from each party but could never find a way to side solely with one. Where does that leave me and the other 41% of us? Maybe independent but let’s face it, someone is still pulling those puppet strings.

The president is elected by the electoral college, not the people. This leaves us with only our vote for the congressmen and women who play the game more than the president. They don’t vote for what the people want, they vote to get votes for the policies they are lobbying for.

It’s time for some change in America. We need to change how elections are done, we need to make laws against personal gain for elected officials and the deals made for votes, the people need to be heard and that should decide how votes are cast by our elected officials, and we need our younger generation to vote.

America need to vote out those who have personal agendas, don’t listen to the people, and can’t or won’t get the job done. We need politicians who get to work, work together, and represent the people. A vote should not be traded for another vote.

Finally we need to relook at the Supreme Court. Why are these not elected positions with expiring tenure? These people instead are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Congress and are just another tool for political parties to push their agendas. This is just another opportunity for the American people to not be heard.

Today we celebrate Americas birthday and let’s just hope we get a little wiser with age. If you are not registered to vote, consider it. The only vote that TRULY doesn’t matter is the one not cast. Let our voices be heard, a ballot at a time.

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