Mask mandate lifted

I will miss the masks for a much deeper, more meaningful reason. For the first time in my lifetime, men now have a better understanding of what it is like to have to wear something that is restricting, sometimes suffocating, uncomfortable, and cumbersome. That’s right ladies, men now have an inkling of a feeling of what it is like to have to wear a bra. You know what I’m talking about. We have all had that total feeling of freedom when we walk in the door and unsnap that restrictive garment that makes us sweat in uncomfortable places, stretches out and suddenly just doesn’t fit right and in many social situations is frowned upon when not worn. Maybe we should start a petition to lift the Bra mandate too.

As mask mandates are being lifted and we say farewell to masks, people in general see this as progress or a return to normalcy. I for one am sad to see them go. But not because of the normal political or medical debates we see in the news or hear at the water cooler. Don’t get me wrong, when our daily debate can go back to who should retire from the NFL or which is better a Ford or Chevy I will feel like I’m existing in a more normal world and moving past masks will help with that.

Meanwhile, at least our men have felt our pain. Happy Sunday everyone. Laugh at the things you can’t change!

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