Know your truth series

People pleasing

You can’t put a value on the gift of you

I LOVE SEEING PEOPLE HAPPY! It feels good to see others joyful and happy. If I am being honest, I have an unhealthy need to ensure others are happy. So unhealthy, it usually supersedes my own happiness. It could be a meal I cook, a gift I give, or a project at work. I almost always ask for feedback. It’s not because I am searching for compliments, I truly want to know if THEY liked it, if it made them happy.

In my life, I need to learn to be satisfied that I did something positive for them. I cooked for them, I chose a gift I thought they would appreciate. I need to understand that how someone receives my gestures is up to them. I don’t know why this is so difficult for me, or why I confuse giving with others happiness. I come from a generous and appreciative family, and I have raised my own children to appreciate the things in their life and people around them.

I guess in the end the reason I feel that way is less important than how I move forward, change my own behavior and way of thinking. Find satisfaction in knowing I put a hot meal in front of my loved ones, I did something for someone else to brighten their day, or I just put a little more effort or thought behind my actions. After all, I am not only giving them a tangible item, I am giving them a piece of my mind, my time, and myself. Maybe that is the real gift.

No-one knows how much time we have on this earth, and no tomorrow is promised. Taking a moment from your day to send a text, make a call, buy a gift, cook a meal, fold a shirt, or even say a prayer is a priceless gift. If I look at my actions and offerings like that, and those I do it for truly care about me, then I have given them something that can’t be measured in satisfaction. It is priceless and precious and that is truly the best of what I can give.

So this week I am going to start appreciating the moments I have and have to give. I am going to work to feel satisfaction in knowing I share some of these moments with the people I love both friends and family, and finally understanding that what I give is enough. It is up to the recipient to appreciate the value of it. Instead of allowing their taste for what I did to affect my giving, I am going to give what I can and find the satisfaction in just that. I will also be cautious of giving of myself to others who won’t appreciate it and save it for those who will cherish it.

Have a great week and remember, yesterday is heavy, let it go! Letting March in with new lenses!

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