Thank you for being a friend

Betty White 1950

Today would have been Betty Whites 100th birthday.  America morned her loss  just a little over two weeks before we would have celebrated with her.  So today we remember her and celebrate the beautiful mark she left on our world. 

She was a beloved actress, comedian, animal activist and friend.  

Age was but a number to her, and she had no intention of stopping.  She made us laugh and had an uncanny way of making sense of our confusing and sometimes scary world.  She survived multiple pandemics, saw 32 wars, survived three husbands, and she even holds the Guinness book of world records for longest career for female entertainers. 

Mrs. White didn’t just sit and watch tho, she served in WWII  in the American Women’s Voluntary Services.  She delivered supplies via a PX truck by day and night were spent at grand dances meant to give soldiers a grand send-off before they shipped out.  

Betty white was above all else kind.  She genuinely cared for people.  She was, in her every day life, what we all should strive to be if even just a little.  

Many will give to a animal rescue in her name and in honor of her love for animals.  She herself said if things hadn’t worked out in Hollywood, she would have become a zookeeper.  If you give in her honor, I applaud you.  

May I also suggest in honor of her nearly 100 years on this earth, and the hole she left behind in our hearts, we all try to be a little more like her.  Be kind, be a friend, do good because it makes you feel good.  Do for others because you can.  Say kind things, because they can change someone’s day.  Find the positive amongst a field of negatives.  Laugh because it’s contagious.  

Take note from the life of Betty White and try to be just a little better than you were yesterday. 

Thank you for sharing your life with us Mrs White and thank you for being our friend.  

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