Black and White Christmas Tree

2021 black and white Christmas Tree

Black and white meet elegance. All items available at Hobby Lobby to make this elegant, designer tree. I’m loving this look.

Tricks…. Your topper should be a highlight. Start with your angel, star, whatever suits your taste. Make it a focal point by adding branches and accessories around the bottom of it. This will also assist you as you move down the tree. Add ribbon to add texture to your tree. I like to tick my ribbon in and wrap with a branch to hold it in place. Next…Ornaments ornaments ornaments. Make them different in look, shape and size. Glass (or clear plastic) along with glitter ornaments help to reflect the lights and make your tee look like there are more ornaments.

I put my topper on with the lights off. Then I add my ribbon. After I’m satisfied with my ribbon I turn my tree on to add ornaments. One more trick, add larger glass balls further into the tree to give you the look of twice the lights. Happy decorating and be sure to share your trees! I would love to see what you come up with.

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