It’s coming, but when

He will soon be here

The time is coming, but no one knows just when. A great many lives will be changed in a single moment. The world as we know it will never be the same.

Will it be in the dark of night or in heart of the day. Will there be time to call the ones we love? Will it be quick and easy or will it linger on?

It will bring tears of joy, gut wrenching fear, the most epic triumphs, and aggravating failures. It will create havoc when we least expect it and it will bring peace without warning.

Will it come today? Will it come tomorrow? Is he ready? Is she prepared?

It is a HE, and HE is my grand baby. We wait by the phone to hear of his arrival. The day he arrives will forever change our lives. He will carry on the family name, will be the First in a line of Firsts. He will be the first grandson to carry on his PoP PoPs name. He will be my first grand baby, and he will be the first great grand baby.

We will wait. Not so patiently for the arrival of our little guy. We will pray for his mommy and daddy, as their lives will be filled with more joy than they ever knew possible, and will forever be changed. We continue to pray for his mommy for a safe and healthy delivery and a speedy recovery. We pray for his daddy as he will navigate taking care of the two most important people in his life. Finally we pray for our little grandson that he is as brave, kind, smart and loving as his mommy and daddy.

Stay tuned for new blogs to come. Story of the Gammy and her little man!

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