It’s ok to disagree

I love Mexican food, sunny warm days, beaches and family time. If you don’t like those things you can’t be my friend. Does that sound logical? No of course it doesn’t. In America it’s ok to disagree.

Whether you take sugar in your coffee or live for the club scene, all of those little likes and dislikes make up who YOU are. It makes you different from me and the dentist! After all, if everyone liked the color blue, everyone’s cars, homes, shoes and nails would look the same.

Sit in a busy mall for just a hour or two and watch as people walk past you. No two people are absolutely the same. Yes, I know there are twins, but even the most identical twins have different likes and dislikes. To most of us, these differences in opinion are completely normal and socially acceptable. Aside from the standard jab because Coke is definitely better than Pepsi, it’s really no big deal.

So if we can accept our friends and neighbors preferences in smells, tastes, colors, cars, hobbies, and decor, why do we find it so difficult to accept their political views and preferences? Voting is private, a privilege, and a right, yet so many Americans feel that they should judge someone for their political choices. In the past few days there has been so much hate speech, diragcetory statements, and down right ugly behavior.

Most of my family and friends have no idea my political views and have no clue who I may have voted for in the last election. This is because it’s no-ones business but mine. If conflicts in politics is the fire, throwing my beliefs out there is just fueling the fire.

Social media, mainstream media, and political parties themselves continue to deepen the political divides along the citizens of the United States to sell tv time slots, upset elections and satisfy personal agendas. Yet when many politicians get in office, their votes are hinged on personal gain, party pressure, and big business payoffs.

I ask each and all to stop judging someone based on any preference or like/dislike. Our difference make us individuals. The ability to make the choice to color our hair pink or eat breakfast for dinner makes us Americans! Since no two Americans are alike, it makes it ok to disagree!

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