Dare to Dream

When you were a kid, did you have dreams? Are your dreams similar today? Dreamers who become doers have a rare courage and fire in them.

Too often we get settled in our life, complacent. We work to live and those dreams become further and further from our minds. Now I’m not saying we aren’t living a good life, doing what we are supposed to, or that we aren’t happy. The fact is most of us are happy and that is great!

The dreamers who become doers tho are a special kind of people. Maybe they always wanted to travel, and not let the ground get too firm under their feet before they were into the next adventure. Perhaps that person became a traveling nurse after all the kids were grown and gone and now finds a new place to call home about ever 6 months. From the desert to the ocean, just enough time to experience what it has to offer and then on to the next.

Or maybe that dreamer is the retired couple who raised their children, worked the better part of their lives to live a honest and simple life, saving and investing so that on a magical January day they could move to sunny Florida, to a new neighborhood and new house to begin a new chapter that is about them. About being on vacation every day for the rest of their lives.

Dreams are like fantasy’s when we are children, when we are in the adulting years of our lives we don’t have the time or energy to pay attention to our dreams, but when the time comes for you to take those dreams and make them come true, be a doer and make those dream your reality. Dare to dream, but I dare you to make that dream come true. I know I will.

IHO of my mom and dad. Congratulations

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