2020 goodbye

So many have suffered and lost in 2020 and for that my heart goes out to them and their families. Although this past year has not been without its hiccups and challenges, 2020 has grounded me and reminded me of just how truly blessed our family is. In a year of can’t do, new norms, and often times moments of solitude, the light has been our family. From movie nights to regular family dinners, the shutdown of our world brought us back to our foundations. It has slowed down our hectic lives and forced us to appreciate the simple things life has to offer us. This past year we raised eight chicks who are now producing the most delicious eggs. From the baby chicks in our bedroom under a heat lamp to 8 grown hens flocking to us for fresh veggies and bread treats, our little suburban home became our own mini farm. We built and harvested a garden with fresh cucumbers, zucchini’s, corn and beans while our deck garden consisted of peppers and herbs. We discovered our thumbs were a little greener than we had originally thought. This past year we hosted many bonfires, backyard feasts, movie nights under the stars and late night conversations by the crackling fire. We sent off our two daughters in laws to basic training and watched each of them graduate into airman! We have been doing drivers training for our youngest son who is proving to be a pretty good driver. As a couple, our marriage has grown stronger because our lives have become even more entwined. We have been blessed with jobs that allow us to work from home and we have learned how to monitor our sons non traditional learning. No, I would not say that 2020 has been the BEST year by any means. What I can say is that 2020 was a refresher for our family. It has refreshed our outlook on many things, renewed our faith, and allowed us to see how blessed we truly are. The quality time we have had over the past 8 months is something I will cherish for many years to come. Remember friends, our glasses are not half empty, they are half full! I welcome 2021 with an open mind and a warm heart as I bid 2020 a fond farewell.

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