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Dance in the Rain

Each day we open our eyes with a new chance at life. No matter the day of the week or the hour your day begins, it’s a new chance, new opportunity. The day is not a guarantee that everything will be perfect, or that you have won the lottery. Instead it’s a chance to put… Continue reading Dance in the Rain

Green Shake

Protein shake – its good for you! This shake is full of absolute goodness for you, but to taste it you would never know! Drink after a workout or as a stand-alone meal. You font want to miss out on this one 😍 1 cup almond or rice milk1 heaping tsp almond butter1 scoop protein… Continue reading Green Shake

Mask mandate lifted

I will miss the masks for a much deeper, more meaningful reason. For the first time in my lifetime, men now have a better understanding of what it is like to have to wear something that is restricting, sometimes suffocating, uncomfortable, and cumbersome. That’s right ladies, men now have an inkling of a feeling of… Continue reading Mask mandate lifted

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