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The Graduate

It’s no small feet to graduate from high school. In todays society the cards are stacked against our youth. Our kids battle so many different pressures than I did when I was growing up. It is no small feet to graduate high school in todays world. As parents we struggle to grasp what they are… Continue reading The Graduate

Dance in the Rain

Each day we open our eyes with a new chance at life. No matter the day of the week or the hour your day begins, it’s a new chance, new opportunity. The day is not a guarantee that everything will be perfect, or that you have won the lottery. Instead it’s a chance to put… Continue reading Dance in the Rain

Green Shake

Protein shake – its good for you! This shake is full of absolute goodness for you, but to taste it you would never know! Drink after a workout or as a stand-alone meal. You font want to miss out on this one 😍 1 cup almond or rice milk1 heaping tsp almond butter1 scoop protein… Continue reading Green Shake

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