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Drink your veggies

I dislike vegetables.  Raw veggies I can do but When they are cooked we have a problem.  Needless to say I don’t intake my daily requirement of fruits and vegetables and rely on my vitamins to make up for it.   I also have a serious sweet tooth.  It strikes morning noon and night, all day every day. These… Continue reading Drink your veggies

Thank you for being a friend

Today would have been Betty Whites 100th birthday.  America morned her loss  just a little over two weeks before we would have celebrated with her.  So today we remember her and celebrate the beautiful mark she left on our world.  She was a beloved actress, comedian, animal activist and friend.   Age was but a number to her, and… Continue reading Thank you for being a friend

I Met Someone

I met someone. I knew I would eventually. At 48 years old, it happened. I am very excited, yet I had a difficult time putting into words what he means to me. These are feelings are like none I have ever felt before. He has short dark hair and olive skin. He has the most… Continue reading I Met Someone

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