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Agua de lupe

This summers gem of a drink gives a Hispanic twist to that average margarita on the rocks you have been sippin on 🍹 I love meeting new people from all over the country! Last night the hubby and I crashed a girls weekend pregame gathering with our friends and their visiting momma, aunt and little… Continue reading Agua de lupe


Everyone has opinions and each and every opinion matters. In America, as Americans, we have the right to opinions. We have rights! We have the right to vote, the right bare arms, the right to choose our job, where we live, what we eat, what we watch, and many more rights. July 4, 1776, America… Continue reading America

The Graduate

It’s no small feet to graduate from high school. In todays society the cards are stacked against our youth. Our kids battle so many different pressures than I did when I was growing up. It is no small feet to graduate high school in todays world. As parents we struggle to grasp what they are… Continue reading The Graduate

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