17, 10, 2016

Surprise, I’m Back!



It’s been 6 months since I’ve written on my blog, and a lot has happened in that duration.

2016 has easily been the most difficult year of my life. Prior to this year, I was a girl that viewed everything in my life through rose colored lenses. I remember last semester learning about the concept of the “boy in the bubble”, a case in which a person feels that nothing bad could ever happen to them. That even though there are all these terrible situations occurring in the world to other people daily, the boy in the bubble was the one exception. He was invincible and would never experience a tragedy. I distinctly remember thinking to myself, “I’m clearly living in a bubble”. In my 21 years of life at that point, I never experienced anything that rattled my life. I never failed a course, I never had my heartbroken, I never experienced anything detrimental to my health, I never lost someone I cared about. To be honest, everything I worked for and wanted turned out in my favor. Up until this summer, I had my entire life planned out. I knew who I was and what I wanted in life. I knew where I was headed academically and professionally. I knew who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I knew my ambitions and passions. I had a pretty set life.
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14, 02, 2016

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope today is a day full of love and happiness for each and everyone of you! Unlike most people, I really enjoy Valentine’s Day. To see pink, red, and white everywhere and bundles of flowers is wonderful in itself. Although I know the saying is that love should be celebrated everyday, just a day full of the cute stuff is always nice.

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10, 01, 2016

My 21st Birthday

On November 26th of 2015 I hit the big 2-1.

I had actually been so excited during all of 2015 for my birthday because there was nothing holding me back anymore! Although I rarely drink, it feels nice to know that I can go out and order a drink if I felt like it. I’m finally a “real” adult.


I didn’t have a wild, crazy 21st birthday like most people do. Instead, I enjoyed my birthday with family, friends and 2 delicious, homemade cakes! This birthday was a special one to me because multiple people in my life definitely took the extra mile to make it a memorable one. I had all my family together to celebrate, and my cousin baked me a delicious chocolate cake that I got to decorate excessively with rainbow sprinkles. My friends drove in the horrible rainy weather on Black Friday to eat korean barbecue for my celebration. And my boyfriend and our close friend spent the entire day baking a rainbow cake for me because they knew I’ve been wanting one for the longest time. I didn’t need grand presents to make me happy or a wild night filled with drinks to make this birthday memorable. I’m blessed with wonderful people in my life, and that’s all I need.
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