21, 02, 2016

Food Recap: Los Angeles

Good morning everyone!

Today is my last California post! I didn’t think it would take me so long to share everything, but I saved the best for last: a foodie post. Besides the ocean and perfect weather, one of my favorite things about southern California is it food galore. It has delicious food, cute food, and the newest food trends that are happening. I’m always look for new places to check out when I’m in the city.


85°C Bakery Cafe
I love this bakery so much! It’s located in Pasadena, and has a huge array of baked goods to choose from. There is so much that it is actually self served in a way. On a corner of the cafe is all these delicious pastries and baked goods kept warm. You grab a tray and tong, and start grabbing everything delicious you see. Everything is so incredibly fluffy and warm. It’s been so long that I actually don’t remember what pastries I had gotten, but all the ones in the pictures were delicious. I also recommend trying their iced coffee!
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27, 01, 2016

Food Recap: San Francisco

Food is honestly one of my favorite things about traveling. I love getting the chance to try new restaurants, especially ones that are unique in their presentation of food. San Francisco certainly did not fail me. I wish I could have stayed longer just to eat more!SF is a nice melting pot. You can have whatever delights your tastebud: Italian, Indian, American, Chinese, vegan, the list goes on. But the best thing is, you’ll probably find an authentic restaurant that really brings the taste and flavors to life. I didn’t get to try as many places as I originally wanted to, but everything I had was still superb.

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01, 11, 2015

Barley and Board

I visited Denton, Texas for the first time a couple of weeks ago and got to stop by in this lovely rustic restaurant called Barley and Board. It  is located in the Square, and is the perfect spot for brunch (which is exactly what we did!). They have a great selection of food that includes burgers, sandwiches, ribs and more. But they are more known for their boards made up of various cheeses, meats, fruits and spreads. The restaurant also serves a huge selection of alcoholic beverages, and has a beautiful bar for you to enjoy your drinks and food at.


Like I said, my cousin and I had brunch here on a Saturday afternoon. The doors and windows to the restaurant were open wide for the customers to enjoy the fresh air. My cousin ordered the smoked salmon flatbread while I had their B&B Brekkie. Everything was delicious, especially the salmon! It was all so fresh. My only regret was not ordering a board, but maybe next time.


After lunch we walked around the Square a bit to settle our stomachs before stepping into Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream. We stumbled across a few wall art, but this one was definitely my favorite. Denton has some cute quirks to it!


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