27, 03, 2016

Texas Tulips

Sometimes I wished I lived in the city surrounded by numbers of skyscrapers and twinkling lights. I’ve always dreamt of moving to places like New York, San Francisco, or Seattle, and end up taking DFW for granted. But DFW has its perks too! You get the best of two cities, Dallas and Fort Worth, and you have all sorts of fun activities within reasonable driving distance.

The most recent event was Texas Tulips, a lawn of fresh tulips ready to be picked about one hour away from Fort Worth. You definitely don’t get something as pretty as a field of flowers in the city! There are rows after rows of beautiful tulips with variations that I’ve never even imagined. You just grab a basket and go about picking whichever tulips you like. At the end, the tulips are wrapped in a a lovely bouquet for you. It’s a bit pricey at $2.50 a stem, but it makes a lovely date out with friends or a loved one!


If you are in the area before the end of April, do yourself a favor and stop by! Spring is in full bloom!

  • What a beautiful field of flowers. Tulips are beautiful! I love spring!


    • The field was gorgeous! So happy for spring to finally arrive 🙂

  • Oh girlie I’m drooling already! Gorgeous pictures! Tulips are right on top of my list but traveling during the Spring season isn’t too practical for my job at the moment. But hey ho one day I will! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing dear x

    Real Life Nerd

    • I’ve always wanted to be in a field of flowers. I’m now searching aimlessly for a field of sunflowers!! Hopefully you can do some traveling with summer approaching 🙂

  • Tulips are my absolute favorite flowers. One of my goals is to walk through a field of tulips! My family went up to DFW this weekend for a visit and if I had known about this, I most likely would’ve gone and dragged them there. DANG IT! lovely pics!


    • Awe! I’m certain they’ll be back next spring if you don’t get a chance to visit the field in April! I’m sure you would have loved it 🙂

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