10, 02, 2016

Dressed in My Sunday Best


This past Sunday I went to church with my boyfriend to celebrate Lunar New Year. I was so excited because I got the chance to wear this gorgeous piece out. During January, Zara had a big winter sale that was up to 70% off. It was such a great sale since nearly all their dresses were one sale for less than $30! I was able to find this floral, yellow dress for only $13. Talk about a steal! 

I not only love this dress because of its bright color and floral print (my favorite), but the neck lining of the dress is so unique. It’s almost off the shoulders, but not quite, and exposes your collarbone so perfectly. It also has a settle dip in the back that exposes the right amount of skin too. Lastly, the dress has bell sleeves for that southern touch! I paired my dress with some nude heels and my Kate Spade bag. This is one of my favorite outfits by far.

DSC_1708 new

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