27, 01, 2016

Food Recap: San Francisco

Food is honestly one of my favorite things about traveling. I love getting the chance to try new restaurants, especially ones that are unique in their presentation of food. San Francisco certainly did not fail me. I wish I could have stayed longer just to eat more!SF is a nice melting pot. You can have whatever delights your tastebud: Italian, Indian, American, Chinese, vegan, the list goes on. But the best thing is, you’ll probably find an authentic restaurant that really brings the taste and flavors to life. I didn’t get to try as many places as I originally wanted to, but everything I had was still superb.


Sightglass Coffee
Sightglass Coffee is an absolutely beautiful coffeehouse near Union Square. The coffeeshop is two stories high, and seems to always be buzzing with people. The front of the shop is a wall of windows making the shop seem so open and cozy.
Although SF is flooded with coffeeshops, this was the only coffee I had during my stay. I typically order a vanilla latte because I like nearly everything to be a little sweet. Unfortunately, Sightglass Coffee only made lattes. The latte I had was so strong compared to what I am use to that it killed my coffee buzz for the remainder of my California trip. I think any true coffee junkie would love this place, but I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the coffee. Beautiful shop though!


Brenda’s French Soul Food
One word: beignets. This place makes some out of this world crawfish beignets. My cousin and I stopped by Brenda’s French Soul Food after our coffee stop based off a recommendation. We wanted to eat light, so we decided to share chocolate & crawfish beignets. The chocolate beignets were nothing unusual, but the crawfish beignets were so delicious. I highly recommend ordering one if you ever eat here. I’m sure everything else here is fantastic too based off of first impressions.


San Tung Chinese Restaurant
After a long day of walking around the city, San Tung was the perfect way to end it. This was another recommendation I had gotten. Now, a few things to note about this restaurant. Get there right when it opens (or even 30 minutes before) because this places packs up fast. My cousin and I went on a Thursday evening. We came in 20 minutes after opening, and the restaurant was already totally packed. Luckily we arrived when there was no lines so we got seated within 5 minutes. However, after 20 minutes of being seated, there was already a 10 person wait list. So if you plan to eat here, go early or else you’ll be waiting for 2 hours! Second, this restaurant isn’t the most customer friendly restaurant. The staff isn’t there to ask about your day and chit chat. They are there to serve you as fast as possible, get you out, and clean for the next customers. It’s a very busy restaurant as people are always coming in and out, and moving all around. Third, the BEST thing on their menu is the chicken wings. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing these wings are. The sauce that coats it has a sweet flavor infused with garlic and ginger. It’s absolutely delicious, and you must try it if you are ever at San Tung!


I’ve been dying to try this place every since I heard that sushi burrito existed! Although I heard many people say that it was overhyped, it was everything I could want in a sushi burrito. A burrito there is about $9 – $15. It’s bit steep for the price of a quick meal, but it’s so good. I had the Geisha’s Kiss which had tuna, lotus chips, piquillo peppers, cucumber, lettuce, ginger guac, and sesame white soya. The chips gave it an unexpected crunch, while everything else was so fresh and complimented one another perfectly. If you are a sushi lover, I would definitely try this place out at least once. Now I am patiently waiting for a Sushirrito to open in DFW!


Golden Gate Bakery
The Yelp reviews for this bakery are 4 1/2 stars out of 5 from 2500 reviews. Why? Because the egg tarts are amazing. The crust is so flakey and soft, and the egg tart itself must have unicorn dust and gold sprinkled inside because they are unbelievably delicious. The bakery is located in Chinatown, and you can always bet that there is a line outside the shop. I ended up waiting about 20 minutes before getting inside the shop. This place only accepts cash as well.



Boudin Bakery & Cafe
If you’re looking for good clam chowder while you are at Pier 39, look no further. Boudin Bakery & Cafe made the best clam chowder soup I’ve ever had. There are multiple Boudin Bakery & Cafe scattered throughout SF, but I believe this one (at 160 Jeffernson Street) is the best location. You can see all the loafs of bread being made and then dine inside or outside by the sea side. I’m still dreaming of their clam chowder soup.


Belly Good Cafe & Crepes
We couldn’t leave SF without desserts! I love love love crepes, and this place really hit the spot. Located in Japantown, this crepe shop will make whatever crepe you order into a cute animal. Delicious and adorable crepes. What more could you ask for?

And that concludes my San Francisco trip! Let me know if you have any food places you love in SF. Next up, new adventures in LA!

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    Ahhhh that BAKERY though <3
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    • The inside of the bakery was even cuter!

  • This post has seriously made me hungry aha. Oh dear… I’ve heard such amazing things about SF’s food.


    • My mouth was watering while I was editing this post. If only I had more time to try out more food!

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